Google Business Profile Number Not verified

Unable to add phone number to Google My Business, How to Fix?

Have you tried many times to add a phone number to Google My Business Profile or GMB?

You are not alone.

This is a common problem faced by many business owners and local SEO professionals.

I get numerous calls regarding this. 

Most of them are asking the same doubts.

I am unable to add my phone number to Google My Business. How to solve this?

Why can’t I add my phone number to Google Business?

Why won’t Google accept my phone number?

How do I add my phone number to google my business?

Let us check what is the reason for this.

Phone number not approved in Google my Business

What does Google say about this?

“In some regions, like India, we have taken extra steps to make sure a phone number is accurate. These steps help guard your Business Profile’s integrity.”

Business profile owners can do some additional steps to verify phone number edits.

Google reviews your edits, and at that time, your edit may be under review and will be live on your profile once the verification is completed.

How to Fix This and Verify Mobile Number?

To add a number on Google My Business or Google Business Profile, you need to do some additional steps as per Google’s guidelines.

You can see a learn more button in the above picture.

Click on the learn more button; you can see a form, or you can go to the help center.

Or you can see the form here.

Fill out the form as per Google guidelines.

You have to add the following details to that form.

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Adress
  • Name of your business. Add the original name of your business.
  • Business website
  • Url of the business on map/ Your Business Profile ID
  • Business phone number

Along with this form, you need to submit some proof.

  • TAN 
  • business registration, 
  • Business license displaying the owner’s name, business name, and business address.

If needed, you have to add one of the Utility Bills:
Utility bill with business phone number, which is at most two months old for any service provider (i.e., electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill, etc.).

Don’t attach any sensitive business details.

If you are facing any problems with this process hire a Local SEO expert in Kerala to do this,


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