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Are you searching for an SEO Expert in Kerala to rank your website?

You can count on me to help.

I’m Prasad Karthik, a freelance SEO expert in Kerala located in Trivandrum with seven years of experience.

Meet the Best SEO Expert in Kerala

Prasad Karthik is considered the best SEO Expert in Kerala

As a Google and Hubspot certified digital marketing expert in Kerala, Prasad Karthik works with many clients as a digital marketing and SEO Consultant.
He helped numerous large and small businesses to profit over the last seven years. As an SEO Expert in Kerala, he achieved outstanding outcomes for multiple companies.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. However, you can expand by utilizing the most efficient method.

Other Expertise Areas of Prasad Karthik

Prasad Karthik, SEO Expert in Kerala

My Best Practices As An SEO Expert

BuildTopical Authority

Creating A Topical Authority is the key in modern SEO.

Build& Improve EEAT

We help you to build authority for your website

Effective Content Strategy

Effective Content Strategy to win the SEO game.​

Google Algorithm Based SEO

SEO practicesthat convince the search engine algorithms

Make A better Content Experience

Better content experience to increase engagement and user experience.​

Build Semantic Network

Building meaningful connections and relations across the website

Freelance SEO Expert in Kerala

Services Of SEO Experts in Kerala

Benefits of hiring an SEO Expert in Kerala

  • 24X 7 Leads. You will get leads 24×7 because search engines work for you day and night.
  • Get Qualified leads. Based on my experiences working as an SEO Expert in Trivandrum Kerala, I can affirm that organic leads are high-quality and easy to convert.
  • Increased brand visibility. If you hire an SEO professional for your website, he will definitely help you rank your website and increase visibility.
  • Increased Website Traffic. As the website’s ranking increases, the number of people visiting the website also increases. Thus SEO helps in generating good website traffic.
  • Better User Experience. SEO experts can provide a great user experience to users of websites by identifying issues on the site and then addressing the issues. Repair technical issues such as site speed and broken links, as well as problems with responsiveness, and increase the engagement of users.

Why Choose Me Over Any Other SEO Expert in Kerala

  • I use only white-hat SEO practices
  • Quality content
  • Premium SEO Tools
  • Advanced backlinking Strategy
  • I optimise for a better content experience
  • Consistency in ranking
  • Regular Update
  • Customised strategies
Freelance SEO Expert in Kerala

SEO is not magic, its a step-by-step strategy

The term “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is driving users organically to a website. SEO, in general, is about creating quality content, optimizing it for the appropriate keywords, and developing the backlinks you want. This cannot be done within a day. It is a continual process.

Our Team Of SEO Experts in Kerala

We have a team of leading SEO experts in Kerala. Our SEO Team Includes Content Marketing Experts, e-commerce SEO experts, SEO strategists, SEO analysts, and Content Writers. Syam K S, one of the best SEO experts in Kerala is heading our team.

Prasad Karthik, SEO Expert in Kerala
Prasad Karthik

SEO Expert, Content Strategist

7 years of Experience in content-led SEO, and Health Care SEO. Content Marketing

Syam K S SEO Mentor and SEO Expert
Syam K S

SEO Mentor & Conultant

18 Years of Experience in SEO. Trainer and Seasoned Digital Marketer.

Faisal Faizy
Faisal Faizy

SEO Specialist

5 Years Experience as SEO Specialist. Content Strategist and SEO Strategist

Anand Bahuleyan

E Commerce SEO

5 Years Experience in E COmmerce SEO and E-commerce Content Strategy

Priyanka Radhakrishnan, SEO expert
Priyanka Radhakrishnan

Google Analytics Expert

6+ Years Experience in Google Analytics and Content Strategy

Abdul Raqeeb H Google Analytics Expert
Abdul Raqeeb H

Google ANalytics Expeet

4 years Experience in Performance marketing and Analytics

As an SEO expert, what should I focus on?

WordPress SEO service by SEO EXpert in Kerala

WordPress SEO

Woo Commerce SEO service by SEO expert Kerala

E Commerce SEO

Shopify SEO by SEO freelancer in Kerala

Shopify SEO

Wix SEO services in KErala


Weebly SEO expert Kerala

Weebly SEO

square space SEO Freelancer Expert Kerala

Square Space SEO

Major SEO Tools I Use For My SEO Projects

As an SEO specialist, I use different tools and Chrome extensions to simplify day-to-day SEO tasks.
My favorite SEO tools are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, SEOmonitor, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Answer the Public, Grammarly, etc.
I also use Chrome extensions like SEO minion GMB Everywhere, Detailed SEO, Ubbersuggest, Copy Leaks AI—detector, Visual Ping, GSC guardian, etc.

What My Clients Say About My SEO Services in Kerala

Prasad Karthik has a sound knowledge in SEO and Content writing. We hired him for our company website and he did an excellent job.
Sadeep M K
Accurate accounting Solutions Abu Dhabi
Prasad Karthik is a best SEO expert in Kerala. He worked with us for three of our projects and helped us to grow our business.
Brijesh VIswadevan
Royal Classic Abu Dhabi
Karthik helped me to scale up my Ecommerce business. He developed our ecommerce store very attractive and SEO friendly.
Manoj Padmanabhan
Manoj Padmanabhan
Padma Honey

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Our Location

Surasindhu, Kurups Lane, Sasthamangalam. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695010

Demystifying SEO Success: The powerful Strategy of a Freelance SEO Expert in Kerala

First, we need a unique SEO strategy to rank in the SERP.

I use different SEO strategies for each website. 

That means I don’t have one fit for an all-size strategy in the case of SEO.

Then what do I do to rank a website?

 When I get an SEO project, I take the initial time to understand business offerings and audiences.

Understanding the Business Offerings

I take time to study the business offerings of the client in detail.

If we describe all of our business offerings in a way that users and search engines can understand, then only our business will be noticed.

Prioritizing the business offering is very crucial in SEO.

An in-depth study of a product or service gives us a clear insight into SEO tactics.

Analyzing the market trends helps to create short-term and long-term SEO strategies.

We can identify which products or services have the highest demand and

Which products or services have the lowest demand in the market?

Audience research is my second priority.

Audience Research

Why is audience research my priority for SEO?

As a content-driven SEO strategist, I focus mainly on the content that a website delivers to the audience. 

So, it is very important to know who your audience is.

I ask the following questions to the client:

Who is your target audience?

What is their age group?

Where are they located?

Which language do they speak?

Their education level?


Once I get a clear picture of the buyer persona, I plan a content strategy for them.

Content Strategy

Content strategy may vary according to websites, niches, audience, language, and SEO difficulty.

Content strategy may vary according to websites, niches, audience, language, and SEO difficulty.

How do I plan a content strategy for a better performance?

It is not simple.

As mentioned, I create a content strategy based on audience, market, and keyword research results.

There are three stages that lead to a sale.
They are

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

I consider these three stages before planning content.

Categorizing content for each stage is very important.

I also consider the CATT and PAS for planning content in different stages.

Keyword Strategy

The next step is to research and prioritize the keywords.

I use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahref, SEMrush, etc., for advanced keyword research.

Extensive keyword research is the key element of SEO.

I perform keyword research focused on high business value, but the website is new so the entire approach will differ. 

I use the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool for finding the right keyword.

Usually, I start with low-hanging fruits.
I do perform keyword research focused on high business value.

Technical SEO Strategy

What is technical SEO? 

We do some technical optimization in our website to better performance.

This helps the search engine bots to crawl and understand our websites easily.

Technical SEO is also meant to improve the user experience on a website.

As a technical SEO Expert in Kerala,  my technical SEO checklist includes

  • Checking the website architecture
  • Website speed and Core web vital score
  • Responsiveness
  • Finding and fixing dead-end pages, duplicate content
  • Improve internal link structure.
  • Navigation
  • Redirection problems
  • SSL

There are many other technical SEO optimizations on a website that I implement.

Website architecture

Website architecture has a vital role in SEO. 

Designing a website architecture that is easy to navigate for visitors is critical. 

A good site architecture helps visitors navigate the website and get the information they seek.

If we have great content on our website and the website structure is not good, it negatively affects the SEO. 

The poor website structure also affects user engagement and increases the bounce rate.

In simple words, website structure is the hierarchical architecture of our website.

My site architecture design helps your website in the following ways.

  • Help search engine to crawl your website effectively.
  • Helps visitors to go deep into your website 
  • Distribute page authority flow effectively.
  • Helps to increase topical authority through solid internal linking
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Reduce bounce rate

Advanced Backlink Strategy

As a freelance SEO expert in Kerala, I have many contacts with writers and editors in India and worldwide.

It helps me to acquire quality backlinks for my SEO service projects.

While setting up a backlink strategy, I constantly researched the following factors.

  • Content quality of the linkable pages
  • The backlink profile of a competitor
  • Authority of the website I plan to acquire backlinks from
  • Spam score of the source website
  • Traffic 

Google and other search engines consider backlinks critical in determining a webpage’s importance.

How I Became a Freelance SEO Expert in Kerala?

Let me describe how I became a Freelance SEO expert in Kerala.

I’ve always been attracted to writing and reading since childhood. 

In addition to periodicals and newspapers available at home, I also went to libraries near my house. 

As time passed and reading became more online, Google search first came to my attention.

Yes, the magic of Google search really amazed me. 

Being able to have the information that we needed immediately available on the screen was quite impressive.

That curiosity led me to do more Google searches.

As I said earlier, the results of a Google search were genuinely remarkable.

At the time, I was a novice to the concept of Google. I didn’t even know that it was an engine for searching or how it functions.

Slowly, I started to be awestruck by Google since I found precise answers to what I wanted to know. 

I’d say my SEO journey begins here.

Looking to know more about search engines, my first step to learning SEO

My initial interest in search engines prompted me to conduct further investigation into the subject.

I had a few doubts about the search engine. 

How does it work? 

I could have asked all these doubts to Google itself. 

From the answers to those questions, I learned the basics of SEO.

I discovered that Google and other search engines are also available online.

Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, Baidu, and many more.

When we look up things on Google, we know one thing: Google offers a wide array of solutions to our queries.

The answers are scattered across various sections and pages.

The answers are provided by clicking on any result and visiting the website to help us learn more. 

The webpage that gives these answers is called the SERP, a Search Engine Result Page.

I needed to understand more about SERP and keywords at that time and only had a very vague picture of how search engines answer each query.

Exploring SEO Systematically, The second step in my SEO journey

After completing my degree and Master’s degree, I worked in the media field when SEO came to me again. 

My friend’s business was in a bind at the time. I was determined to help the business somehow.

I put his company on Google My Business and started improving.

He saw numerous improvements in one month.

I was eager to know more about SEO at the time.

I came across an SEO mentor online and began studying.

His blog and course materials have helped me feel more confident initially.

In the same year, I began doing SEO for a friend’s website.

When I first started to do SEO, I began to learn more about the website.

I thoroughly learned about the structure of the site, its design, and its content.

After a year of work, many attempts and experiments made me an SEO professional.

Understanding How does SEO work

As I mentioned earlier, I started my SEO journey by analyzing SERP.

After that, I learned more about how search engines work and interact with audience queries. How do we optimize the content for the queries of the audience?

After learning the basics of SEO, I got some real insights into that.

Different users online need different types of results for their queries. 

So, an SEO expert should know the intent behind a search query; then, they can create a good content strategy for a website.

Crawlers are doing the critical jobs in an SEO process.

Crawlers or bots are the critical decision-makers in case of the quality and relevance of the webpage.

There are several factors affecting that decision; they are

  • Search intent
  • Quality of the content
  • Relevance of the content
  • Internal links and external links
  • Backlinks
  • UX/ UI

There are so many factors that affect search rankings. No one exactly knows about it. Google’s algorithm is just like a black box in an airplane. 

It doesn’t reveal the secret behind it.

I started building my website.

SEO is not at all a theoretical process. If we know everything about SEO and don’t apply anything practically, then there is no use.

Implementation is the core part of SEO. The best way to practice SEO is not to wait for clients. 

The client’s website is not a place for experiments.

So, I realized the need for a website to practice SEO.

I started learning WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS used to create SEO-friendly websites.

One-third of the website we see online is built with WordPress.

The knowledge in website design helps us in technical SEO.

I learned what is a webpage and how to create a webpage.

I also learned the 

  • Website domain
  • Hosting
  • URL structure
  • Website architecture
  • Menus
  • Links
  • Pages and Posts
  • Categories
  • Html codes
  • Plugins

Reading SEO Blogs Everyday

SEO is a continuous process, and we need to update our knowledge day by day.
The best way to keep updated is to read SEO blogs daily.
I read the blogs of Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, Alleyda Sollis, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Barry Schwartz etc.
I also followed Content Marketing Institute Hubspot Academy, Ahrefs Academy, Authority Hackers etc.
Apart from reading blogs, I watched YouTube videos and listened to podcasts.
Active participation in the global community of SEO experts and content writers gives me a different insight into SEO.
Still, I participate actively in the discussions of different SEO communities.

Beginner to SEO Professional

In the beginning, I only had my friend’s website to do SEO.

Later, I got another website of his acquaintance to do SEO.

I began to learn new things because the method of SEO frequently changed. 

The online forums, along with Facebook communities, were the main sources. 

Since 2017, I have been working on SEO more. I was an SEO consultant for niche websites like Health Care, Finance, Wellness, etc.

What are the skills needed for an SEO Expert?

After the emergence of SEO Courses, we can see several SEO experts in Kerala.

Regarding the implementation side, most SEOs optimize the title tag, meta descriptions and on-page experience.

The next step is collecting backlinks massively.

Is that an actual implementation of SEO?

No, this is a basic or an amateur practice.

Why do they are practicing this?

They don’t have the professional skill sets that an SEO professional needs.

What are the professional skill sets? Let me describe it in detail.

  • Ability to understand the topic or niche
  • Ability to research audience, buyer persona and market
  • Ability to find high-intent keywords with low difficulty
  • Knowledge in HTML
  • Good writing skill
  • Knowledge to make different types of visual contents
  • Content marketing skills
  • Ability to acquire backlinks for essential web pages
  • An SEO should be good at internal linking and website architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of how to design and create a webpage for better UX and UI
  • How to add keywords to a webpage
  • Thorough knowledge of technical SEO
  • understanding about core web vitals
  • Basic understanding of website security
  • In-depth knowledge of how to analyze the KPIs in SEO
  • Knowledge of search engine algorithms and upcoming SEO trends

Apart from this, an SEO expert should be good at managing the SEO team and coordination of technical and creative team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prasad Karthik is considered as the No. 1 SEO expert in Kerala.

Please check out what makes him No 1. He has 10 plus years of experience in SEO industry. He worked with 50 plus clients in the past years and ranked around 1200 business keywords in top positions.


If you are searching for an SEO expert online, you may get several answers.

Nowadays, many professionals with less knowledge pretend to be experts.

Same as in case of SEO also.

Then, How do you find the best SEO expert?

Let me describe the process.

First, you check the Google results and handpick some SEO experts who appear in the top-ranked results.

Why are they ranking at the top of the Google SERP? 

The answer is simple: they or their team know how to rank a website in Google for search queries.

Don't stop there.

Visit their website and check their whereabouts.

Check the social media profile of each SEO expert in detail.

You can check Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and forums like Quora and Reddit.

A detailed profile analysis will give you ideas about their work and experience.

Check out the following

  • Educational Qualification
  • Experience
  • The company they work with
  • Projects they finished
  • Additional areas they are interested in
  • Clients list 

Once you have collected their details, you can analyse their expertise in the field.

Check the Google Business Profile of their company for honest reviews.

You can also check reviews and mentions on other review platforms and social media.

By doing this, you will get a clear picture of their skill.

You can directly ask the SEO Experts for their past or ongoing work.

Pick one of their clients and contact them personally. 

Ask them about their experience with the particular SEO expert.

Once you have shortlisted some of them, request a customised SEO strategy for your business.

Pick one that suits your business.

An SEO Expert charge you based on their work.

Typically, SEO Charge includes the service fee of the SEO professional and the actual cost for the following.

  • Content Creation ( Article, Video, Photoshoot, Podcast)
  • Design( website, infographics etc)
  • Developer cost
  • Backlinks
  • Press releases

SEO expert's fee may vary according to the experience.

However, a beginner may charge 2 lakh per annum for SEO services in Kerala.

An experienced SEO professional charges up to 10 lakh per annum in Kerala.


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